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Sun, Sep 19, 2021
Duration: 25 mins 26 secs
When you come across people who say they are Christians, observe their lives. If their lives are unchanged, then there is nothing changed in them. Because it is not your talk that counts. It is your walk that matters. We'll discuss that and more this Sunday with a message entitled "Have You Found Jesus?" You are invited to join us for worship @ 9am or 11:10am or online @ 9am.
Sun, Sep 12, 2021
Duration: 33 mins 55 secs
The Church could be and should be the most powerful and effective presence in the world. That becomes reality when the gifts and talents God provides are used. This Sunday, we discuss how that can happen in a message entitled "Using What You Have." Join us when we worship @ 9am & 11:10am and online @ 9am. If you are in the area, please join us in person and share this post as well.
Sun, Sep 05, 2021
Duration: 24 mins 22 secs
The word "impossible" is not to be in the vocabulary of a follower of Christ. Yet the parable that we will discuss this Sunday calls us to believe certain impossiblities! The message is entitled "6 Impossible Things" and you are invited to join us when we worship in person @ 9am and 11:10am and online @ 9am. Our hope is that you will join us!
Sun, Aug 29, 2021
Duration: 29 mins 12 secs
There are times when we are open to receiving what God wants for us, times when we can best receive His love, grace and offer for salvation. There are also times when it is possible to miss what God has for us. This Sunday, we discuss the importance of being ready and open to God's leading in a message enitled "Tides." You are welcome to join us in person @ 9am and 11:10am or online @ 9am. Don't miss this time!
Sun, Aug 22, 2021
We were made to be in contact with each other. We communicate. We associate. We touch. This Sunday, we will discuss the importance of meaningful communication with a message entitled "Contact." Join us when we worship @ 9am or 11:10am in the church building or online @ 9am. If you are involved in any type of schooling, bring your backpack or purse as we will be praying specifically for you as the school year is about to begin.
Sun, Aug 15, 2021
Duration: 20 mins 19 secs
We all need encouragement and we can find that from each other but the best kind of encouragement comes from our Savior. He tells us to be of good cheer, be encouraged! This Sunday, we discuss the cheer that Jesus offers to us in a message entitled "When You Feel Like You've Swallowed A Sunset." Join us in-person for worship @ 9am or 11:10 or online @ 9am as we seek the "cheer" of Christ! Encourage someone by sharing this post!
Sun, Aug 08, 2021
Duration: 21 mins 24 secs
They are people who fill the gap. They see a shortcoming and move in to see what they can do. They are called friends. This Sunday, we discuss the importance of such folks in a message entitled "It Is A Noble Order." Join us when we gather for worship @ 9am & 11:10am or online @ 9am. You will want to include and invite your friends. Have them join you!
Sun, Aug 01, 2021
Duration: 23 mins 14 secs
We must be wise as we live in our world today! Folks can appear as friends, even trusted friends. The Apostle Paul surrounded himself with many people yet some of them had ulterior motives. This Sunday we will learn of such a person so that we, ourselves, might be wise in discerning their true purpose. The message is enitled "Watch Out!" and you are invited to join us for worship @ either 9am or 11:10am or online @ 9am.
Sun, Jul 25, 2021
Duration: 24 mins 5 secs
"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." The Apostle Paul describes the importance of preaching because it leads to folks hearing and receiving the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. This Sunday, we will seek to understand why that is crucial to every person on the planet. The message is entitled "Why I Preach." Join us as we gather in person @ 9am & 11:10am or online @ 9am. Bring along your Bible and invite a friend to join you!
Sun, Jul 18, 2021
Passage: Luke 9
Duration: 22 mins 11 secs
Babe Ruth is considered by many to be the best baseball player of all time. He was an amazing athlete but he was also the source of many outs. This Sunday, we will discuss his life and how it can relate to ours with a message enitled "1330 Strikeouts." Join us in person for our ONE worship service outside in our parking lot (under a huge tent) @ 10am. We will also be online at that time as well. It is National Ice Cream Day and we will enjoy an ice cream bar following our worship in the basement of the church.
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