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Sun, Jan 30, 2022
Duration: 32 mins 1 sec
The Bible doesn’t tell us everything we want to know but it does tell us everything we need to know. There are certain factors that led to the demise of ancient Israel so it is important for us to learn from those mistakes so we can be more Christ-like in all that we do. This Sunday, we continue in our series called WHO REALLY NEEDS THE OLD TESTAMENT? with a message entitled "The Divided Kingdom." Join us for worship @ 9am & 11:10am or online @ 9am and grab a cup of hot chocolate in the meantime!
Sun, Jan 23, 2022
Duration: 36 mins 33 secs
There’s no such thing as partial commitment to God. There is no exception clause in devotion to God yet so many believe that it is OK to live like that. This Sunday, we continue in our series called WHO REALLY NEEDS THE OLD TESTAMENT? with a message entitled "Extreme Folly." Join us in person @ 9am or 11:10am or online @ 9am. Please share this post so that others can have an opportunity to worship and learn about this important topic.
Sun, Jan 16, 2022
Duration: 37 mins 4 secs
Words from Solomon have inspired, led and instructed many over the centuries. He was the wisest man who ever lived. This Sunday, we dig into those words and hope to be taught as well. The message in our series called WHO NEEDS THE OLD TESTAMENT? is entitled "Extreme Wisdom." Join us in person worship @ 9am or 11:10am or online @ 9am. It is the wise thing to do!
Sun, Jan 09, 2022
Duration: 23 mins 24 secs
So, what is the armor of God that we are to "put on?" It might surprise you and be different than what you think. This Sunday, we discuss the important topic of spiritual warfare with a message entitled "The Armor of God: What It Really Means." Join us for our ONE worship service @ 10am and be prepared for battle!
Sun, Jan 02, 2022
Duration: 25 mins 59 secs
We are a nation that specializes at blaming the wrong things. Our focus is on the symptoms of the sickness instead of the source of the sickness. This Sunday, you are invited to join us as we give the profound yet simple solution to the world's problems. The message is entitled "Addressing the Source." Start the new year off in the place where each of us should be: In worship. We meet @ 9am & 11:10am and online @ 9am. It will be great to see you!
Sun, Dec 26, 2021
Duration: 5 mins 34 secs
Music lifts the spirit and satisfies the heart. This morning, we celebrate the birth of Jesus with a service of music (and some laughter!). Join us for our ONE worship time @ 10am in-person or online as we sing praises to our Lord!
Fri, Dec 24, 2021
Duration: 16 mins 13 secs
Join us Thursday December 23 or online Friday December 24 @ 7pm for our Christmas Eve Candlelight services. The message is entitled "Glory to God in the Lowest" and we will be celebrating with music, the spoken Word and, of course, candles!
Sun, Dec 19, 2021
Duration: 24 mins 23 secs
The problem with Christmas is that we know the story too well so we miss what Christmas is all about. Bottom line: Christmas is about love. This Sunday, we discuss love and what it really means as it pertains to Christmas in a message entitled "The Greatest Gift." Join us for worship @ 9am & 11:10am and online @ 9am. Show your love to family and friends by inviting them to join you! Also, be watching early next week about our Christmas Eve candlelight services!
Sun, Dec 12, 2021
Duration: 31 mins 52 secs
It is so imperative in our head and heart to know who our King is. Christmas time gives us that opportunity. This Sunday, we make a claim for the real king of Christmas in a message entitled "The Man Who Thought He Was King." Join us @ 9am or 11:10am in the church building for worship or @ 9am online as we worship the King of Kings.
Sun, Dec 05, 2021
Duration: 24 mins 18 secs
Whenever you follow God’s star, you end up in humble places. Think of the gentleness and humility of Jesus. He is our perfect example. This Sunday, we consider Jesus and the way we live in a message entitled "Does Santa Claus Believe in You?" We meet for worship @ 9am & 11:10am or online @ 9am. Share this posting on your page and hopefully you and your friends will be able to join us.
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