Sunday School

Sunday School Classes for All, Sundays at 10:00 AM

All Sunday School Classes are using The Story for discussion questions through the first week of May.

Preschool Class is for children ages 2 to pre-K. Led by a rotating team of teachers, our youngest members begin to learn how important God is in their lives through stories, pictures and fun activities. This class is downstairs at the end of the hall (The Nursery).

Primary Class  is for children ages 5 & 6 and is located downstairs: the first room on the left in the hallway. Taught by a rotating team of teachers, these children, just starting to learn to read, continue to build on their Biblical knowledge of God through instructive stories and various appealing activities.

Elementary Class is for children in Kindergarten and grades 1 through 4 and is located downstairs between the kitchen and the rest rooms. Taught by a rotating team of teachers, the children experience lessons made enjoyable by various activities which help them learn how the Bible guides their lives as they grow in their Christian faith.

Middle School Class is for students in grades 5 through 8 and is held downstairs in the bright yellow room across from the kitchen. Taught by Cheryl Hildbold, who uses Talk Sheets, the young people are guided in knowing how Bible teachings apply to their lives as Christians at home, at school and in the community.

High School Class is for students in grades 9 through 12 and is held upstairs just off the Sanctuary. A rotating team of teachers present lessons which give Biblical guidance to encourage and stimulate the individuals in this group to remain strong in the face of increasing challenges to their Christian beliefs.

Young Adult Class is taught by Helen Onstead downstairs just off the main room. Lively discussions take place as the group uses the Wired Word as a basis for applying Bible teachings to their view of current events in the World.

Adult (Seekers) Class is led by Pastor Chuck Hildbold downstairs on the right in the hallway. To further their knowledge Of God’s Word and intent in their lives, the members choose materials for areas they would like to study and discuss.

Adult (Pathfinders) Class is led by Beverly Penrod downstairs in the main social room. Participants study the Bible in depth to learn the interconnections throughout the Old and New Testaments and how its teachings still impact and guide their daily lives as Christians.

Adult (Lamplighters) Class is led by a rotating group of teachers upstairs and is a class of older adults who continue to study the Bible in their never ending growth as Christians. This group also enjoys monthly social gatherings together.

Contact Information:
1673 East Pitt Street
(Route 30 East)
Jennerstown, PA 15547
Phone:  814-629-7430
Chuck Hildbold, Pastor
Cheryl Hildbold, Secretary
Sunday Worship:
9:00 AM
11:10 AM
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