Sun, Jun 16, 2019

Not So Different From Us

The people who lived in the city of Corinth were really no different than the people living today in America. That means the Apostle Paul's message to them is applicable to us as well. This Sunday, we begin a new series based on the letter to the Corinthians called NOT SO DIFFERENT with a message entitled "Not So Different From Us". We meet for worship @ 9am & 11:10am. We also will have a special recognition for fathers to celebrate Father's Day.
Duration:29 mins 12 secs
Contact Information:
Box 201
1673 East Pitt Street
(Route 30 East)
Jennerstown, PA 15547
Phone:  814-629-7430
Chuck Hildbold, Pastor
Cheryl Hildbold, Secretary
Sunday Worship:
9:00 AM
11:10 AM
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